The Winner is MSPRU !

Manchester Secondary Pupil Referral Unit has won two awards at The North West Cultural Education Awards 2018.

The first award is Museum and Education Partnership Award for  working collaboratively with The People’s History Museum

21 pupils from Manchester Secondary PRU took part in the project to explore what representation means to them. In a world dominated by social media platforms, they creatively examined how they are seen by others, and how they see themselves. In doing so they exploded myths, asked questions and challenged people to look beyond the social media filter.

The result is Who Represents Me – a bold, colourful and powerful piece of artwork that currently features as part of the museum’s headline exhibition for 2018, Represent! Voices 100 Years On, which explores the ongoing fight for representation, including issues such as the votes for women campaign and Repeal the 8th. One of the students who participated received one of only two Personal Achievement Awards for their part in the project.

The second award is to pupil Connor Gamble who won the Arts Award Personal Achievement Award for his art work.

In addition Pupil Conner Davies won an award from The Portico Library – The Sadie Massey Awards in June 2018 for being the most prolific reader 2017/18.