Our Mission

Our Mission The Manchester Secondary PRU seeks to engage troubled young people in order to increase their self-confidence and resilience by preparing them effectively for the next stage.

Strong partnerships with schools and academies, the local authority, Alternative Providers, FE Colleges and a range of other agencies recognise the potential of progression in learning for improving life chances and breaking cycles of deprivation and social exclusion.

PRU teachers and support staff share a common set of values with commissioned partners. Our shared objectives are to engage students, encourage and support attendance and learning, and to facilitate and celebrate good progress and achievement. Our Value

Our core values are:






Building on these we aim to ensure that our children and young people:

Enjoy – We want our pupils to enjoy learning and to want to learn more. They will learn about themselves and others and will have access to the wide range of arts and sport activities available in the city. Our pupils will begin to understand and value their own strengths and those of other people. They will learn how to build on their strengths and to accept help and support. Their achievements will be celebrated.

Achieve – As skilled adults, we will ensure that learning tasks lead pupils to develop the skills they need to make rapid progress in learning. We will help them to build confidence in their abilities and to see the possibilities that academic and other achievements open up for them.

Succeed (Improve life chances) – We respect our pupils and their views. We will provide opportunities for them to develop the confidence to have a positive impact in their communities and in their world. Our pupils will learn how to recognise risks and how to deal with dangers. We want our pupils to improve their own life chances and to positively influence the life chances of future generations.