Pastoral Support

The pastoral manager and her team are an asset to the school. The pastoral manager has made sure that safeguarding is ‘everybody’s business’. All staff are up to date with their training. A significant proportion of staff have been trained to levels much higher than required, which reflects the importance you attach to this aspect of your work. There are robust systems and procedures in place which ensure that all referrals are followed up thoroughly. The pastoral manager makes sure that record-keeping is meticulous. Staff act on advice from their specialist colleagues as well as external agencies. – Ofsted 2017

Care, support and guidance is provided for students in the PRU in a variety of ways, designed to make sure every child feels cared for and any safeguarding issues can be picked up on at the earliest possible stage.

Firstly, small class sizes and a large adult to child ratio means that our staff have a personal relationship with every student under their care. Secondly, each child has a designated pastoral support officer who make liaise with teachers and centre staff to monitor any issues your child may be having. Lastly, the PRU has strong relationships with outside agencies so specialist advice can be called upon.