MSPRU Curriculum Intent

At MSPRU we describe our curriculum as the totality of our pupils’ experiences during their placements with us.

MSPRU’s pupil population is transient. Pupils come to us at any point between yr 7 and yr 11, having found a mainstream environment too difficult to manage for a wide range of reasons. They have abilities which span from below to exceeding expectation and have barriers to their learning which are not well known or understood. Placement in MSPRU is short, compared to mainstream schools, and we aim to ensure that pupils do not fall behind their peers. Pupils usually have gaps in their knowledge, for reasons which often include traumatic events, and staff assess where gaps are and what has gone wrong.

We have designed our school curriculum around 3 key strands which will enable our pupils to develop the knowledge and understanding they need to thrive as healthy, safe and active citizens ready for their next steps: access, transition and progress. Through access we offer a breadth of experience, through transition we support them to manage change and through progress we give them the tools to succeed.


Our pupils have the right to an education which works for them. Through our priority needs and baseline assessments, SEND assessment and support, basic skills and intervention; including reading and literacy, speaking and listening opportunities and experiential learning, our intention is that barriers are systematically removed, supporting pupils to access the full range of our offer, and to a more mainstream offer when appropriate. We also intend that our pupils feel that they belong to our city and have a purposeful part to play in it.


Through strong pastoral support and our processes and protocols, we develop resilience in our pupils. Our curriculum is focused on their personal development and experiences which build cultural capital through a wealth of trips and visits, and confidence as learners and as citizens. We work closely with pupils and families to prepare for changes and movement; whether into new learning centres, mainstream or specialist schools, or post-16 settings. We aim to build trust between our staff and pupils so that they have confidence in adults to support the shared development of plans for them.


We intend to build knowledge and skills which are secure in our learners, so that appropriate pathways can be identified and so that they have opportunities to enjoy and achieve throughout their placements with us. We value both academic and vocational progression, supported by personalised CEIAG and our work towards the Gatesby benchmarks. Our offer encompasses a core of academic subjects enhanced and enriched by a focus on identifying and developing strength in creativity and talent; whether that be through sport or the arts. We understand the impact of ACEs on our pupils and ensure that our daily offer, in small, nurturing environments, helps pupils to secure a better future for themselves, using knowledge gained from the widest possible perspective so that they are well prepared for adulthood. We are developing a phased plan for assessing the implementation of our curriculum, identifying the transferable skills which are taught, used and reinforced, and have embarked on the Right to Succeed pilot project to use research informed measures of impact alongside progress outcomes