Our curriculum aims to enable our learners to develop as successful, resilient and confident individuals. It has been designed with the following:

Curriculum Principles

We will provide a curriculum which:

  • Is broad and balanced, giving students access to a broad range of academic and vocational subjects as well as fostering creativity
  • Has a strong focus on personal and social development
  • Is inclusive, setting high expectations of all learners
  • Is relevant to our learners, responds to their varying needs and proving all students with the opportunity to develop the essential skills in reading, writing, oracy and numeracy
  • Promotes high standards in all learning and teaching, ensuring progression is an integral part of the curriculum design


The curriculum we provide will allow our students to learn:

  • how to read, write and communicate confidently
    • develop vocabulary – key words and etymology that enable greater access to the curriculum. High frequency words, general academic words and subject-specific words
    • use Inference, analysis and evaluation skills
    • use language to solve problems
    • communicate effectively in different situations with different people
  • about the principles of fluency in mathematics
    • develop a firm grasp of the rules of number
    • to be able to read, interpret and represent data
  • how to be critical thinkers
    • develop a reasoned argument backed up by evidence
    • develop their oracy skills through debate and class discussion
  • to celebrate diversity and respect individuals
    • develop their ability to collaborate and cooperate
    • form and maintain healthy relationships
  • a broad range of disciplinary knowledge in the key national curriculum subjects
  • how to be resilient in the face of adversity, managing and coping with their emotions
    • help and support in identifying emotions
    • form an understanding their emotional responses
    • develop a range of coping strategies
  • about different career pathways and the skills and knowledge required for different jobs
    • a strong and well-informed CEIAG
    • promotion of organisation and self-management
  • to remember things well through key study techniques
    • to learn and Independent learning skills
    • the use of metacognition to help our learners ‘know more, remember more and do more’
  • about the diverse, cultural society in which they live
    • develop a love of English Literature, the Arts and Music
  • how to recognise risks and how to mitigate them


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