The planned destinations for Year 11 learners were reported to Governors in the Summer Tern.  Excellent partnership work has taken place over the Summer holidays woth core Centre Managers and AP partners working with Career Connect,  The Manchester College and internal support staff to track and monitor the application and enrolment processes for all Year 11 leavers.  Fortnightly review meetings were held, where key partners reported their efforts to review the planned destinations for our students and their efforts to engage students who were tracking towards being NEET.

119 students with a planned destination 

7 tracking towards NEET 

Vast majority of planned destinations are Level 1 vocational courses.

Of the 20 students who acheived the Level 2 threshold of 5 + GCSE grade 4-9,  11 pupils transitioning to Level 3 courses - but onlu 1 choosing A levels.

Enrolment for the majority of colleges took place last week and the number of pupils who actual took up their planned destination is being collated. 

This information will be reported to Governors later in the Autumn Term 2021.  

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