Arts Mark Award September 2023

Artsmark Gold Signage MSPRU.png

Your Statement of Commitment and Statement of Impact have been assessed and we would like to inform you that your setting has been awarded an Artsmark Gold Award.

The arts have continued to maintain as high a profile as possible given the context of such change within MSPRU. Your proactive approach in successfully seeking collaborations with arts and culture organisations and creative practitioners through established links is supporting you in your arts offer and providing new and exciting opportunities for your students. For example, the Head of Art and Creativity is a member of The Manchester Art teacher Collective and this led directly to some of your students becoming involved with The British Art Show 9.  Similarly, the Artsmark Lead Teacher and Assistant SENDCO are involved with the Manchester Cultural Education Partnership (MADE) and this created an opportunity to take part in the Art Assembly Project with the work being displayed at Manchester City Art Gallery. The students must have been so proud. The arts are actively used to engage the hardest to reach students. For instance creative practitioners such as Hip-Hop Archive and Young Identity were commissioned to engage students with spoken word and poetry. Students have opportunities to work with visiting professionals such as Year 10 creating their own music tracks in Digit Music sessions. Two students took part in co-hosting an evening talk show on local radio whilst another student completed a radio production course and is now hosting their own weekly local radio show. Such varied experiences are supporting students to appreciate the wide-ranging career possibilities in the arts. It was good to read you are providing support to Manchester College and Music Stuff Art as well as supporting a primary school with their Artsmark Statement of Impact. We wish you well for the future.

Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!

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Manchester M21 7JJ

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