What if a placement does not work?

When a student comes to the PRU we take responsibility for providing their education and so there are times when we have to move pupils between locations as a placement is not working.

Can a student return to school?

Whenever possible pupils will be returned to school as soon as they are ready and a suitable place is found. However, if a student was permanently excluded they will not be able to go back to the school they were excluded from. Although for many KS4 Students staying with the PRU is the agreed best solution.

Can I still get my GCSEs?

The PRU KS4 Curriculum covers GCSE in a range of core subjects. We cannot offer every option that High schools or academies do. This will be discussed with you during the admission process.

Will I just go to the nearest location?

Whilst geography is considered the basis of where you are placed is to ensure your get the best possible provision rather than the nearest provision.

The person who got my child in trouble is at the PRU too?

We work with schools to ensure that any issues such as negative student combinations are considered when placing a student.

Why is my child’s old school still involved?

If the student is permanently excluded their old school will no longer be involved. If the placement with the PRU is an alternative to permanent exclusion the school will still be involved. The student is still on the school’s roll and their exam results are reported by the school. There is also the potential for the student to return to the school.

Can I still get to college / 6th Form?

Being permanently excluded may affect your son/daughter being able to get into college. Taking an alternative provision place rather than getting permanently excluded will be better for your child with regards to college entry. If your child is permanently excluded we can work with them and the colleges to look at alternative routes of entry to post 16 education.

Can I appeal against a placement at the PRU?

If your child is permanently excluded you do have a right of appeal to the governors at the school they were excluded from and the school will give you details. Your child may be referred to the PRU whilst that appeal takes place. If the appeal is unsuccessful the student will be placed with the PRU.

Will it be full time?

For most students they will have a full time 5 day timetable. There are a small number who initially may not be on this arrangement but will be working towards it.

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