Statement of Intent

Manchester Secondary PRU  

Statement of Curriculum Intent 

Our curriculum aims to provide our learners with educational success and to prepare them for the next stage in their lives. It has been designed with the following: 


  1. Curriculum Principles - We will provide a curriculum which:
  • Is high quality and ambitious for all, giving students access to a broad range of academic and vocational subjects as well as fostering creativity 
  • Is based on the National Curriculum but is adapted at a whole-school and subject level to ensure we can meet the needs of our learners 
  • Has a strong focus on personal and social development 
  • Is inclusive, setting high expectations of all learners  
  • Provides all students with the opportunity to develop the essential skills for life 
  • Ensures progression is an integral part of the curriculum design 


  1. Definition of Learning - Learning is a persistent change in knowledge. At MSPRU we understand learning as both a process and a product:

We refer to learning as something we do, as well as something we end up with. We define the process of learning as thinking and the product of learning as knowledge 


  1. Intent - The curriculum we provide will allow our students to know more, remember more and do more. They will learn:
  • a broad range of powerful knowledge in key national curriculum subjects 
  • how to read, write and communicate confidently 
  • about the principles of fluency in mathematics 
  • how to be critical thinkers  
  • to respect and celebrate individuality and diversity  
  • how to be resilient in the face of adversity and challenge 
  • how to understand and manage their emotions 
  • how to recognise risks and identify benefit and harm 
  • about different career pathways and the skills and knowledge required to be successful 
  • about the culturally rich communities in which they live 


To find out more about the curriculum offer at MSPRU, please contact Maxine Benson on 0161 674 9681

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