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We have a team of specialist professionals who are now co-located with MSPRU. Most specialists are working part-time for PRU APST, whilst still working for their own organisations. This allows for their supervision in the partner organisation as well as ensuring that existing offers of support to pupils are not compromised or duplicated.

Specialist workers include colleagues from: Health (SaLT), Complex Safeguarding, Youth Justice, Early Help, Remedi (Restorative Justice), Educational Psychology, Careers Connect and in addition a seconded Family Worker. We also have a Sports Mentor and 2 Engagement Workers who will be able to support pupils outside normal school hours. We have a school Counsellor and at the end of June 22 we will also be joined by CAMHS, offering assessment and an ADHD clinic.

This means that the team includes 19 specialist workers. Below are our current portraits - more to follow soon!

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