What is the APST?

The Alternative Provision Specialist Taskforce is a fully funded Department for Education pilot project, running from 2021-2023.

Our pupils have named our APST team 'PRU SMS' - for when you need Social and Moral Support

The aims of the project are to reduce the risks of pupils becoming involved in serious youth violence.

We know that our pupils are often vulnerable to becoming involved in situations they can’t control, either as victims or as perpetrators. This project funds a specialist team, working alongside PRU staff, to support children and their families.

We have a large team of specialists including Youth Justice Workers, Complex Safeguarding Social Workers, Early Help, Remedi, Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, CAMHS, a Counsellor, Youth Engagement Workers, Careers Connect and Family Support.

These professionals are working together to

  • Improve pupils’ attendance
  • Reduce the risk of pupils becoming NEET
  • Improve pupils’ mental health and wellbeing
  • Reduce the risks of being involved in serious youth violence

Pupils can work with a range of specialists depending on their priority needs. Pupils are referred to the team through their centre staff and PSOs.

The Project Co-ordinator is Ged Deeney

Barlow Hall Rd,
Manchester M21 7JJ

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